How Does Your Garden Grow?

  Ah, summer! That glorious season when gardeners of all persuasions anxiously await to see the fruits (and flowers) of their labour. Every morning, after my coffee and cereal and the morning news, I do my garden inspection. My uniform … Continue reading

If These Walls Could Talk

My childhood home in Newfoundland had these crazy textured walls in the upstairs rooms. My mother referred to those walls as being made from “tentest”. As a kid, I thought this was a word she had made up. But it … Continue reading

The Kitchen Story – Part Three

Dear Reader, If you have endured Parts 1 and 2 of this story, I will reward your patience here with more photos than text. We owe a great debt to Leen, our talented carpenter, for his skill and vision on … Continue reading

The Kitchen Story – Part One

You know those renovation programs on TV where the homeowner goes away and lets professionals make all the decisions and do all the work? Well, our kitchen reno didn’t happen that way. Not even close. We had never undertaken a … Continue reading